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ProTactical Group - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the lead time for ProTactical to start a job?

A: It is usually negotiable. Primarily we like to have no less than a week's notice. On out of country trips we usually need a minimum of two weeks notice.


Q: Are ProTactical Agents just a bunch of hot headed guys that just want to push their weight around?

A: NO. ProTactical Group Agents are Professional Personal Security Specialists that are trained to appear as normal bystander's and if the situation arises they spring into action. We don't offer the "Bodyguard" stereotype. Where its big men pushing everybody around all the time. We have your reputation in mind at all times. All of our personnel are current or prior Law Enforcement or Military Combat Veterans.


Q: Why would I choose ProTactical over your competition?

A: We are local business located on the outskirts of Lexington, KY and Asheville, NC. We offer a diverse amount of Security options, Security Consultations, and ballistic protection. We are Professional, courteous, safety minded, and highly trained Officers. You will not be getting the "Mall Cop" type of guards. If you are looking for the cheapest, least qualified and just want to waste your money then you NEED to contact our competitors. 


Q: What if I don't need guys in uniforms?

A: ProTactical Group can dress in whatever attire needed to get the job done. We can be covert to where you cant tell we are around, close protection to where we blend in with your attire, or the old standby guard uniforms as your first line of deterrent.


Q: What if I have problems and don't know how to go about hiring a Security company or related Service?

A: Just give us a synopsis of your current situation and one of our Representatives will come to your locations and give you a free consultation and site survey. Then if you decide that you would like to pursue a Security company we can give you a quick checklist to ensure that you have the information that is standard for them to issue a Proposal. All FREE of Charge.


Q: What Services do you NOT provide?

A: We do not provide protection for
Illegal Activity, Alcohol Based Establishments, Arena events, or Concerts.