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PRO Tactical Group, LLC is the benchmark of Security Services in London KY.

Security Services in London KY

Here at ProTactical Group our pursuit of safety and security protocols combined with the experience of our serious trained professionals we provide each of our clients with the most efficient, effective and competent security services available in London KY or anywhere the need for security is needed.  We strive on a daily basis to exceed our clients' standards of quality. Professional expert services and customer satisfaction are our primary goals and of course keeping Americas businesses and civilians blanketed in the protection of our strong security measures like Security and is how we can give your company, organization, event or situation the peace of mind you can rely on.

All of our associates believe in making our clients feel secure and protected as a fundamental work ethic and enjoy the ability to provide Security services and Security protection. In fact our staff is invested in the London KY community and have all had either current or prior Law Enforcement or Military backgrounds. To insure the optimum level of trust for your Security we require all of our associates to pass through a thorough Background Investigation. We continually keep our staff refreshed on their abilities through the company’s rigorous training standards, which include multiple relevant disciplines including Martial Arts, CQB Pistol, CQB Rifle, Long Range Rifle Protection, Threat Assessments, Evasive Actions and other poignant security practices.

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ProTactical Group Security services in London KY has the ability to cater to all of your Security and Security needs. Do you want to ensure you understand all your security risks, or improve the security posture of a specific department or your facility overall? Contact ProTactical our consultants will conduct an objective and thorough security program assessment that includes:

  • A review and audit of your facility’s security management program, including areas such as Security needed security compliance; security program organization, policies, and procedures; general risks and vulnerabilities; and security staffing and deployment.
  • A written report detailing observations of each reviewed area; comparisons to applicable standards, guidelines, and industry best practices; and reasonable and cost-effective recommendations for improvement which enables you to easily monitor the status of each recommendation made by ProTactical Group in your security assessment.

This Security experience and security expertise, combined with the team’s wide-range of business and executive experience, helps ensure that clients receive creative, business-driven solutions to meet their unique security challenges whether you need Security services in London KY or a complete protection plan for both long-term and temporary deployments.

Security Services in London KYOur methodologies are derived from those employed by Defense Forces and security agencies, with the goal of making it as difficult as possible for hostile elements to carry out an attack on our clients. Our security core principles include:

Outer Perimeter Focus - We believe that all activities taking place around the protected environment are of importance. Our security officers are trained in Security services and to discern suspicious patterns and identify potential threats while they are still in early stages of planning - even when these threats appear to be random activities to the ordinary eye. This is paramount for any effective Security.

Security Services in London KY

Dynamic Security - Rather than simply reacting to events, we utilize a dynamic and highly proactive security management approach designed to deter, detect and deny potential threats. When you contract Security services or any service in London KY with ProTactical Group, we are always alert, scanning the area of operations for signs of unusual or out-of-the-ordinary behavior and placing ourselves in the most advantageous positions to detect suspicious activity.

ProTactical Group is available in London KY and not only specializes in Security security we also offer healthcare-specific security experience and extensive industry credentials. As experts, we review your defense focus, and recommend ways to manage these situations going forward.

The statistics are sobering. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 60% of workplace assaults occur in a healthcare setting and most are made by patients or residents. The Joint Commission says “…healthcare institutions today are confronting steadily increasing rates of crime, including violent crime. 

ProTactical Group in London KY and not only specializes in Security protection we offer many other services as well such as:Services - Security Services in London KY

Executive Protection

ProTactical Group - Security Services in London KYDefinition: Executive Protection (EP) also known as Close Personal Protection refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs, other individuals, or assets who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. Protective measures may include armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions. Executive protection may also provide security for immediate and/or extended family members to prevent kidnapping and extortion. If you need Executive Protection (EP) in London KY or any other Security protection call us today.            

Plain Clothes Armed Protection

ProTactical Group - Security Services in London KYDefinition: Similar to EP but usually in a static position, such as a Building or Perimeter, but can also be mobile. This is a form of high security without the risk of having determinable targets out in the open. This form of security is usually used when the Principle want security but doesn't want to portray a visual presence. If you need plain clothed armed protection in London KY or any other Security protection call us today.

Perimeter Protection

Definition: This type of protection is used when there is an outside threat that has multiple avenues of attack. This type of defense is used when the Principle needs to have multiple layers of protection. Associates are usually armed and can be covert or visible (Uniformed).  If you need perimeter protection in London KY or any other Security protection call us today.

 Services - Security Services in London KY

ProTactical Group - Services - Security Services in London KYUniformed Armed Protection

Definition: This type of protection is used for a visible deterrent with the ability to go tactical if necessary. These guards (as all of our Associates) are trained in the ability to disarm the situation with verbal contact up to physical force. If you need armed protection in London KY or any other Security protection call us today.

Secure Transport

 Definition: Secured (Armed) transport of your precious cargo. Pricing is dependent on size of cargo, amount of Insurance needed, and length of trip. No Illegal substances will be transported. If you need secured transport protection in London KY or any other Security protection call us today.

ProTactical Group - Private Security, Executive Security, Lexington & Versailles, KY

Security Consultation

Definition: This consists of a security expert coming to your location and assessing the pros and cons of your current situation, and offering helpful solutions for the security of you, or your business. If you need security consultation protection in London KY or any other Security protection call us today. (800) PRO-0613