Safety is everything.  All day every day, we are in the business of providing you with the services that you need and want. We offer a multitude of services and can provide a quote for any Private Protection, Security or Investigative situation.

We can usually provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient resolution to their problem or concern.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Armed Protection

    • Uniformed Division
    • Plain Clothes Division
    • Site Surveys and Threat Assessment
    • Mass Layoff Protection
    • Security during Strikes, unrest
    • Secure Transport

Training Division

    • Concealed Carry  Training
    • All Female Weapons Training
    • Handgun Courses
    • Long Gun Courses
    • CQB Courses
    • Home/Office Protection

 Most of these Courses have the following Training Tiers:

      • Beginner Course – Basic Introductory course that the majority of the population can enter without other prerequisites. This course consists mostly of classroom instruction with practice and live fire training time on the qualification course at the end. Successful completion of the written test and weapons handling/qualification will be required to proceed to the next level of training.

      • Intermediate Course – A little more high speed class that focuses on more hands on applications and real world scenarios to include but not limited to additional live fire training and obstacles. Most of these programs will have the requirement of successfully completing the previous lower course. Military and Law Enforcement Training can count towards an exemption of the Basic Course and will be determined on a case by case basis.

      • Advanced Course – These classes are reserved for the die hard and driven individuals that want to hone their skill set to a new level. The Training Cadre are professionally and ethically driven to share their real world experience to help you understand situations in an expedited and efficient course of instruction.

             *Candidate will have a list of equipment that they will need to provide such as eye and ear protection and a required amount of ammunition.

Why choose us?

  • These classes are instructed by highly competent and real world experienced Combat Veterans and Law Enforcement Professionals that eagerly await your desire to learn.
  • We are here to Professionally train you not swindle you out of your hard earned money and precious time.
  • We are willing to come to your location and train you in how to secure your Area of Operation.
  • We have highly trained medical personnel that are always on site and attached to each detail to ensure fast and efficient care to those around us.
  • We have classes and personnel that can adapt to work and train you in almost every situation and condition. 
  • Your Privacy is paramount to us. Your personal information will never be sold, given or used for purposes outside of our scope of work and services that you hire us for.

Call us and a representative will be happy to bring you up to date on all
our services and how we can help you today.  Call us  at 800-776-0613 !